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Mexican food in Quito

El mariachi taco factory mexican food Restaurant in quito mariscal foch

" The best of Mexico in one place " Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, micheladas margaritas, and more.

At El Mariachi Taco Factory, we take real pride in serving our guests authentic Mexican dishes made with the finest ingredients available. Like salsas made fresh throughout the day to ensure the ultimate in flavor, Tableside Guacamole prepared with only Haas avocados and handmade tamales prepared daily in the traditional way - wrapped in corn husks for the best taste and to retain moisture. These are but a few of the efforts we make every day to bring you the real flavors of Mexico.

main plates
El mariachi taco factory
mexican food restaurant in quito

Tacos - Taquiza - Chilaquiles - Enchilada - Burritos - Vegetarian fajita - Nachos - Tampiqueña - Beef Mariachi - Tampiqueña - Aztec soup - Pozole soup - Chili con carne - Flutes with chicken - Sincronizada - Lomo vaquero - Bife a la piedra.

liquors & drinks
El mariachi taco factory

Club - Corona - Giant beer - Pílsener - Margarita - Strained Pineapple - Tequila - Sunríse - Submarine - Cuba Libre - Vodka - Whisky - Caipiriña - Micheladas - Natural juice of fruits - Lemonade - Sodas - Mineral water - Ice tea.